Hey folks... time to start thinking about your furnace again. Whether you need servicing or a new unit altogether, Pete the Plumber has you covered. We offer great pricing, experienced technicians and friendly service, and that makes for easy decision [...]

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Feeling the Chill Yet?

Well, if you're feeling it outside, that's as it should be. If you're feeling it in your home, perhaps you need to call Pete the Plumber for a furnace check up. Let us give your furnace it's annual maintenance review [...]

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Furnace Financing Program

If you know you need a new furnace, but you're trying to figure out how to pay for it, then keep in mind that Pete the Plumber has a financing program available through a leading Canadian lending institution. If you're [...]

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Furnace Service Time?

Time for a new furnace? Time to get the current one tuned up? Either way, your heating superhero, Pete the Plumber, has you covered. Our technicians are the go-to pros when it comes furnaces, and we'll make sure you're set [...]

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If you're heating bill is taking a beating, programmable thermostats could be the hero you're looking for to help make a difference in your home. By installing programmable thermostats you can save money by setting them for lower temperatures at [...]

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Time To Upgrade Your Furnace?

Does the downward trend in temperatures this week have you thinking the seasons are changing? Another month or so and you'll likely be turning on the furnace once again… assuming, of course, that your furnace is working properly. If you're [...]

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