Drain Cleaning Calgary

Beat the blockages: Calgary’s drain cleaning specialists

Do you have a slow drain in your sink due to cooking fat or hair? Or a more serious blockage in your sewer system that requires blasting with high pressure? Or perhaps you just need some drain cleaning to prevent future problems… From nasty household blockages to the most stubborn clogs in sewage systems, you can beat the blockages with Pete The Plumber.

We’ve been doing this for two decades; we know how to find the cause – and the best solution – for any type of clogged drain.

We can help you:

  • Clear general drain blockages e.g. slow drains in the kitchen, bath, or toilet;
  • Clear extra-stubborn clogs: using a chemical-free, jet-flush solution that clears those blockages that just won’t let go – without damaging pipes;
  • Replace pipes using the latest no-dig technology – minimizing disruption and mess;
  • Maintain your drains and sewage system with regular cleaning to prevent future problems;
  • Remove tree roots that can lead to drain problems.

The latest technology for inspecting drains and diagnosing the problem allows us to get a close-up view of the drain system: this helps us recommend the best possible solution for long-term clearance.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

If the solution involves the purchase of any new equipment, our bulk-buying purchasing power in Calgary ensures cost-savings are passed on to you, the customer.

If it’s a problem that needs urgent attention and you’re in the Calgary area, simply call us on 403-257-1766 for an emergency visit. A certified plumber will be with you ASAP.

If it’s more routine, book a convenient time online with us.

Why Pete the Plumber?

One-Stop Shop

You can count on us for all your plumbing, furnace, air conditioning, hot water tank and electrical needs - with Pete the Plumber you know it will be done right!

Upfront Pricing

You’ll never be kept in the dark with our pricing. Receive a complimentary, accurate quote for your project, repair, hot water tank, furnace or electrical needs.

Superhero Guarantee

24-hour emergency plumbing service, 100% satisfaction guarantee, 2-year parts and labour warranty on products supplied and installed by Pete the Plumber.

Established in Calgary

We’ve been looking after the plumbing needs of households in Calgary and surrounding areas since 1999 and we’ve won the Consumer Choice Awards 13 times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can, our trucks are equipped with a ¼” cable up to 50’ to a 1 ¼’ up to 135’ and can go farther if notified.