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About Pete The Plumber

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Calgary plumbers are not exactly in short supply – but not all of them have been in business for almost two decades.

Whether it’s an installation or servicing for plumbing or electrical systems, our team of committed professionals at Pete The Plumber are here to ensure that your needs come first.

No third parties, no hassle – your one-stop plumbing superheroes are ready to provide you with the reliable service you need!

Our plumbing services include:


Hot Water Tanks
Air Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, soft debris. Food waste is fine, but not things like bones or egg shells.

Place ice cubes with lemon/orange peels inside, and run for 30 seconds. Then follow it up with a little dish detergent and cold water.

 Usually, this is because of a flapper not closing, and not properly sealing around the flush valve.

Drains clog because of excess debris within them. Treat clogs with a safe cleaner and plumbing snake.

Hot water tanks can struggle in the winter, but solid models will hold up with proper maintenance.

Why Pete the Plumber?

Competitive Pricing

We help you get more value for your money. Better deals on parts and services mean you save whether you’re getting routine maintenance or a new system installed. Better service doesn’t have to carry a bigger price.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You depend on your plumbing and electrical amenities, and you deserve to have them working at peak efficiency. Our experts have the experience needed to deliver the best result every time.

Two Year Warranty

You can work with us without fear – even in the event something goes wrong with a job we’ve done, you’re covered. When you work with Pete the Plumber, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Established in Calgary

We’ve been looking after the plumbing needs of households in Calgary and surrounding areas since 1999: and we’ve won awards for it.

24/7 Emergency Services

We really do come out to fix problems 24/7 – including Christmas Day.

Competitive Pricing

Our superhero status in Calgary means we can provide the most competitive pricing around.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% satisfaction guarantee – we stand behind our work and will ensure you’re satisfied.

2-Year Warranty

Offering a two-year warranty on parts and labour installed by our team at Pete the Plumber.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems are always inconvenient, but sometimes the timing is just terrible.

What happens if you have a massive clog over the weekend? Or a burst pipe overnight?

In these situations, you need a 24/7 service.

Our trained technicians can provide the timely solutions you need without the wait.

Unchecked plumbing problems can cause you stress and higher bills – let us help you avoid both.

When our office is closed, our on-call plumber receives the calls directly and is ready to respond immediately.

Waiting times are minimal – and your plumbing problem gets the emergency service it needs from a certified professional:

  • Rapid response to calls
  • Experienced plumbing professional to assess and diagnose the problem
  • Effective, long-lasting solutions that are easy on the pocket

Calgary Electricians

Pete the Plumber also offers electrical services. These include panel upgrades, basement rough-ins, garage wiring, hot tub installation and maintenance, ceiling/bath fans, and garburator wiring.

Don’t let plumbing or electrical problems cause you to fret – let Pete the Plumber save you from these frustrating problems today.

Awards & Recognition


We’ve made our name from plumbing … but we like to have a bit of fun too, as you can see from our commercials.

When it comes to plumbing or electrical installation, service and repair, nobody beats us…nobody!