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We’ll replace your old Poly-B Piping

Polybutylene pipe was installed between 1973 – 1999 and is a grey flexible water pipe. The big problem; it leaks a lot!

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement 

Common issues include:

  • Leaks throughout the system when higher levels of chlorine exist in the water supply.
  • Improper installation of the pipe in homes where fittings were installed too tightly can result in cracks causing leaks.
  • Improper installation of bent piping, when put under stress, can cause leaks and damages to homes.
  • Leaks caused by installation near high heat areas including hot water tanks, in the attic, and other areas of extensively high temperatures.
  • Leaks caused by the use of acetal (white or grey) fittings to connect pipes rather than the preferred metal fittings.

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