Garburator Installation Calgary

Effortlessly dispose of kitchen waste with a garburator

Looking for a smart, convenient, and effective way to dispose of kitchen waste?

A garburator fits tidily under the kitchen sink, between the sink and the trap. It shreds food waste into small enough pieces to go down the drain and out through your plumbing system, making waste disposal very simple and hygienic.

While a garburator is a great idea for many households, you need to get it fitted professionally to avoid common problems.

Pete the Plumber’s electricians can help you with:

  • Advice on selecting the right garburator for your kitchen needs
  • Installing your garburator
  • Repair of faulty or damaged garburators
  • Replacing an old garburator and wiring the new one

Garburator wiring is just one of the many electrical services provided by our team, in addition to the wide range of plumbing services that we’re known for.

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