How to fix your hot water
Your hot water heater stopped working right at the beginning of winter. You need assistance, but you are unsure what happened or how to describe your problem. Don’t worry, Pete The Plumber, our Calgary hot water heater repair specialists, have selected and answered some of the most frequently asked questions on how to fix your hot water.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair A Hot Water Tank?

Our hot water tank repair services are tailored to meet your unique needs: complexity, size, and location of the unit influence our estimates. Call us at (403) 257-1766 or complete our online form for a free evaluation.

My Hot Water Heater Is Turned Down, But The Water Is Still Hot?

The life of an older water heater may be drawing to a close if it fails to operate within its temperature setting. Buildup in the “Unitrol” sensor can block vital monitoring, causing your appliance’s gas supply not to shut off at peak temperatures – indicating that replacement parts are necessary for optimal operation.

Why Is My Hot Water Heater Not Working?

You never really appreciate your water heater until you try to shower or bath and the water is cold. If your heater is cold and depending on the type of water heater you have it could be a couple of things. If your water heater is gas powered, your pilot light may have gone out, in which case you can have a serviceman replace the thermocouple. If your water heater is electric, you might have a blown breaker or a burnt-out element.

Unless you are comfortable working with gas or electricity, we recommend you call a Calgary plumber to fix these problems.

Why Is My Hot Water Tank Is Leaking?

Every water heater is equipped with a safety device called a “relief valve” to protect against dangerous pressure build-ups caused by faulty burners. Over time, however, the spring in this critical component can weaken and cause unwanted leakage even when there isn’t an issue with other parts. If you’re not

comfortable replacing it yourself be sure to contact Pete The Plumber for professional assistance, your home (or business) may depend on it!

What Are The Most Energy-efficient Water Heaters For Calgary Weather?

As more people turn towards energy efficiency, the topic of tankless water heaters becomes even more popular.

These units work by directly heating the water without using an external storage tank. No storage or a tank means that these heaters have a life span of twice as long as traditional systems.

When we turn on our hot water tap, cold water travels through a pipe into the tankless water heater.

Depending on the type of on-demand system you have (gas or electric), the source element will heat the water, delivering us a constant supply of hot water straight from the faucet.

Why Is A Strong Smell Coming From The Hot Water Tank?

For residents around Calgary, the telltale rotten egg smell may indicate hydrogen sulphide gas in your hot water. Even minimal amounts can produce an unbearable odour. This phenomenon is due to four factors coming together and creating the noxious scent inside your home.

Water softening can often lead to increased odour due to chlorine being removed from the water supply. Fortunately, replacing a less active material (magnesium for aluminum) and chlorinating your hot water system will usually eliminate or reduce smelly odours; however, it is not advisable to remove the anode as this could void any warranties on the heater unit and shorten its lifespan by accelerating corrosion eventually leading to safe operating issues.

We Are Here To Help Fix Your Hot Water In Calgary

At Pete The Plumber, our skilled and experienced technicians can help estimate costs and explain how to fix or replace your hot water tank. We are also experts in repair and maintenance for water heaters. Pete the Plumber is happy to serve Calgary and the surrounding area