If you’re thinking about switching out your furnace to a “high efficiency” unit, you may have asked yourself what that actually means. After all, they keep saying it, and it sounds good, but what does “high efficiency” actually mean.
Well, quite simply, the percentage efficiency rating tells you how efficient that particular unit is at turning fuel into heat. The more efficient the unit, the more heat that is generated, and therefore the less money that is wasted in terms of heating dollars spent.
For instance, a 98% efficient furnace is turning 98 cents of every dollar spent on heat into actual heat, whereas an 85% efficient unit is wasting 13 cents per dollar spent in comparison to the first furnace. That can add up to big losses over the long term.
If you’re wondering whether a high efficiency furnace is right for your home, give Pete the Plumber a call and let our estimator give you a breakdown of what a high efficiency furnace can do for your comfort… and your pocketbook.