Hot Water Not Hot Enough: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

In summer, if the water heater is not heating water efficiently, there is not enough hot water, or the water you get is not hot enough, you might be tempted to just struggle through.Shorter showers and lukewarm face washes are [...]

Air Conditioning Tips: How to Save on the Energy and AC Bill This Summer

As summer takes a grip in Calgary, we’re likely to be sweating it out a few times over the coming months. While we’re not known for our palm trees and tropical sandy beaches, the temperatures can get up there, [...]


Hey folks... it's the middle of April, which means there isn't much time until the temperature around town is running regularly in the high 20s or even 30s, and that means it's time to start thinking about air conditioning. If [...]

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If you're heating bill is taking a beating, programmable thermostats could be the hero you're looking for to help make a difference in your home. By installing programmable thermostats you can save money by setting them for lower temperatures at [...]

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