Most of Canada and the United States are suffering from a heat wave. In times like these, in the sweltering heat, oscillating fans and opening a window just don’t make a difference … but how do you maintain a nice cool house without running up the costs of your electricity bill? Here are some tips for keeping your house comfortable without losing your shirt.

1) Ensure that you have the proper size of air conditioner.

An air conditioning unit that is too large for your room or your home will essentially cost more than one that is the correct size, as it is pumping out more cold air than it needs to. Use the square footage of your home, plus the amount of windows in the room and whether or not it faces the sun to guide you on the size of unit you need.

2) Keep your unit maintained.

Every spring you should clean and maintain your air conditioning unit, including cleaning the filter. Filters should be changed monthly, which will ensure your air conditioner is running at optimum condition without wasting a lot of energy trying to push air through a dirty filter.

3) Have your condenser in a shady spot.

Your air conditioner condenser, which puts out the warm air from your home, should have plenty of room around it – so hiding it with shrubs or any other plant is not a good idea. The condenser should also be in a shady spot, so as not to overheat the unit from the sun.

4) Keep the heat out.

To keep the sun from heating up your home, therefore saving you money from air conditioning costs, you can plant shade trees and shrubs around the perimeter of your home, paying special attention to the west and south sides of your home. You can also close the shades when the sun is facing a room and install awnings on the windows of your home.

5) Seal all the leaks in your home.

By sealing all the air leaks in your home, you will make your air conditioner more efficient as none of that cool air will leak out. Places to look for are drafty doors and windows (add weatherstripping) and where your utilities enter and exit the house. Also check your chimney for cracks – not only will this help with the efficiency of your air conditioner, it will ensure a warmer home in the winter as well!

The dog days of summer have arrived … ensure you have a comfortable home without paying an arm and a leg for your air conditioner this year!

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