Your furnace usually sits in your basement or utility room without being noticed. That is, until you have no heat because something has gone wrong with it. Issues abound with having an old furnace, from keeping the pilot light lit to burning a lot of gas. The following are some of the situations that having an old or badly working furnace may cause.

1) Gas-guzzler.

Just like older cars, older furnaces will use more gas than the newer more energy-efficient ones. Not only that, older furnaces will be less efficient than when they were bought new. By purchasing a new furnace, you will save money by not having to use as much gas, plus on efficiency as well. This is especially important as the price of gas is constantly rising.

2) What’s that smell?

If you smell any type of noxious odors coming from your furnace, it is a very obvious hint that you need to replace the unit. Not only is that smell not very nice, it can be dangerous to your health. Any type of fumes in the air, such as diesel, caused by old furnaces is a good reason to replace your equipment. A clean efficient furnace will automatically generate a small amount of carbon monoxide, while one that is old can generate deadly amounts. This odorless, colorless gas normally escapes through your furnace’s vents. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause flu-like symptoms, disorientation, confusion and even death.

3) Noisy.

Old furnaces can be quite noisy, from when they first start up to the sound they make to force air out into your home. Furnaces will normally turn on in the middle of the night, when the house is at its coolest. This can disturb you and your families’ sleep. New furnaces are much quieter than old ones, so if you’d like to keep your sanity and your home quiet, you should look into getting a new one.

4) Keeping it lit.

Some old furnaces will have issues with keeping the pilot light on. You might have problems lighting the pilot at all, or find out later in the day that the light went out right when your back was turned. Rather than constantly fighting with your old furnace, you can purchase a new furnace which will not have this problem.

5) Safety.

No matter what type or brand of furnace you have, a new furnace will always be safer. New furnaces automatically come with certain safety features, which older furnaces do not have. These include having an automatic shut-off if a problem arises. Keep you and your family safe by purchasing a new furnace.

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