Being “green” is one of the most popular catchphrases that exists today. Being green can include anything from turning off the lights as you leave a room, turning off your car when you are stopped to pick someone up and even conserving water. One way you can conserve water in your household is to use specialty plumbing fixtures these can include the following.

1) Low-flow toilets.

One of the most common plumbing fixtures that can lower your consumption of water is low-flow, or high-efficiency, toilets. These toilets only use six litres of water compared to the normal 13.2 litres. A family of four can cut the consumption of water by more than 83 litres of water yearly using a low-flow toilet.

2) Water-efficient bathtubs.

Just like a shower head, you can select a faucet for your bathtub that uses less water. You can also choose a different size of bathtub. One that is smaller or more ergonomically designed will fill up with less water but still give you enough to enjoy a relaxing bath. Statistics say that when you take a bath, you use between 190 and 265 litres of water.

3) Low-flow shower heads.

Just like a low-flow toilet, low-flow shower heads use less water than their regular counterpart. With shower heads, the difference can add up quickly. A regular shower head will flow water at 9.5 litres per minute, while a low-flow shower head will flow at 7.6 litres per minute – almost a two-litre difference! Say you normally take a 10-minute shower – using a low-flow showerhead will save you 19 litres of water, almost 10 two-litre bottles of pop!

4) Water-efficient sinks.

Whether it be a kitchen, bathroom or utility sink, the same sort of idea applies. Not only can you choose a water-efficient faucet, you can change the size of the sink as well. A kitchen sink can be smaller but still have enough room to wash and rinse your dishes. You do not need very much water for a bathroom sink, so a smaller one is best.

5) Water-efficient faucets.

By using a water-efficient faucet or a faucet aerator, you can cut the water flow by 30 per cent, without any difference in the water pressure or the performance. An average home uses about 40 litres of water a day from faucets alone. If you use a water-efficient faucet, you can cut this to 27 litres.

Cutting your water use by using water-efficient plumbing fixtures not only can help save the environment, it can save you money as well. This especially works if you pay for your water, or if you are on a well system. Go “green” and save water with water-efficient plumbing fixtures!

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