Innovations In Plumbing & Heating

Like most things in this world, someone is always making innovations in the fields of plumbing and heating. At Pete the Plumber we're always keen to stay up on the latest innovations in both areas, and when customers call we try to offer the latest [...]

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Are you planning to do some home renovations this fall/winter now that the toys of summer have been put away? If any of those renovations involve the kitchen or bath, you really do owe it to yourself to visit Pete the Plumber's showroom. There, you'll [...]

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It’s Time to Service Your Heating System

Can you feel the chill in the air at night? That chill is telling you it's time to get your heating system prepped for winter, and that means giving Pete the Plumber (@petetheplumber8) a call to set up a service appointment.   Every year we [...]

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Hey folks... time to start thinking about your furnace again. Whether you need servicing or a new unit altogether, Pete the Plumber has you covered. We offer great pricing, experienced technicians and friendly service, and that makes for easy decision making when it comes to [...]

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If you've been thinking about air conditioning for the summer, it's time to give Pete the Plumber a call to get an estimate. Let us draw up a proposal, show you the options, and get you the pricing you'll need to make an informed decision [...]

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