Do you have water pipes banging or thwacking (yes, we said thwacking, which is basically the sound of plastic smacking wood) away in your home because they’ve come loose? Are they driving you crazy?
Here’s a quick tip for those who have access to the pipes. If they’re all hidden behind drywall, you’re probably just going to have to live with the problem unless you’re prepared to start opening walls, but if you can see the pipes, try the following.
Buy yourself some plumbing straps or clips. If the pipes are copper, use either copper straps or plastic. If the pipes are plastic, stick with plastic. Obviously get the right size – 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch as the case may be.
Next, follow the pipes and install the clips every foot or so. The straps or clips are relatively cheap so you’re better off installing more than code might require because we’re talking peace of mind here.
Note that most of the banging is probably a result of the hot water pipes because they expand and contract the most, so pay particular attention to the hot water lines. Just remember they’re hot.
Plastic pipe doesn’t make as much noise, but if you have a section that isn’t well clipped, it does tend to make a thwacking kind of sound against the wood. A couple of clips will cure that.
Banging or thwacking pipes are usually an easy fix if you have access. Of course, if you don’t have access, some sleuthing might reveal where the worst of the noise is coming from, and it may well be worth it to your peace of mind to open the wall and install some clips. Just depends on whether it’s driving you crazy or not.