Common summertime plumbing Problems in Alberta

Many Calgary homeowners fear the onset of winter on their plumbing systems and take extra precautions before the big freeze arrives — but ignore potential problems at other times of the year.

Your plumbing precautions shouldn’t end when the warmer months of spring & summertime arrive. At that time of year, many homeowners are caught off guard. But it is the ideal time to inspect your plumbing system to ensure that it’s in good working order before the summer arrives.

We’ve compiled a short list of the most common plumbing problems in Summertime — and what you need to do to prevent such issues from affecting your home.

Low water pressure

If your home suffers a dramatic drop in water pressure, it could be because the pipes froze in winter and began to thaw in Summertime, leading to cracks, leaks or even burst pipes. However, it may also be due to a blockage in your main water line.

Either way, it could lead to a serious problem — and potential water damage in your home. It’s best to seek out professional assistance for any major water pressure drops in the Summertime to avoid bigger issues.

Leaking pipes

If you’re in an older house and your plumbing system hasn’t been checked for a while, leaky pipes are a common problem in spring & summertime after the freezing and thawing of the indoor and outdoor pipes in the previous few months.

This problem shouldn’t be ignored. You’ll probably be able to detect it initially from foul odours due to the resulting dampness or unexplained higher water bills. Sometimes, too, you may spot signs of dampness and moisture where it shouldn’t normally be.

To nip this problem in the bud, check pipes inside and outside the house, as well as water lines under the decking and don’t forget the sprinkler system. If you suspect a leak, don’t attempt to fix the piping yourself. Call a professional plumber and get the job done properly.

It’s a good idea for all homeowners of properties older than a few decades to schedule a check of existing piping to see if it may need replacing. While this may seem like a frightening expense, it’s much cheaper (and much less hassle) than having to repair water damage to a home.

Blocked gutters, clogged pipes and slow drains

Spring and summertime is a great time to inspect guttering, drains and pipes for blockages or unwanted clogging.

The combination of snowmelt and vegetation growth can quickly block gutters with leaves and other debris. This can lead to water damage so gutters should be unblocked without delay.

You can usually clean away debris by hand but some homeowners will not like the heights and, to be on the safe side, you can ask your plumber to perform this simple maintenance task on the next visit.

Inside the home, pipes and drains may also become clogged and blocked for a variety of reasons, most commonly hair and debris causing the drain to back up or, in the kitchen, grease and oil blocking the pipes.

Such problems are often particularly noticeable after a busy period with guests visiting and higher-than-normal water usage in the home.

If more than one drain in your home is slow to drain water, a blockage in the sewer line may be the reason. This is usually due to excessive vegetation growing around the sewer line, perhaps because of small leaks in pipes feeding water to the vegetation and encouraging growth.

A professional plumber can assist with inspecting your entire plumbing system in Summertime. We can clear slow drains and unblock pipes. We also have the right equipment and expertise to fix sewer line and plumbing issues outside the home efficiently and safely, rerouting the sewer line and re-piping areas if required.

Corroded metal piping

Most modern houses are fitted with Pex, PVC or ABS piping that cannot corrode. However, some older homes still have copper or galvanized steel pipes.

The main problem with this type of piping is its susceptibility to corrosion. When metal, water and oxygen mix, an oxidation process occurs naturally and this can lead to degradation of the pipes.

Flooding emergency

As winter turns to spring & summer, the water trapped in the ground is released and this can cause flooding for some unfortunate homes that do not have adequate drainage.

To avoid this emergency from recurring year after year, a professional plumber should be able to redesign the drainage system to eliminate the threat.

Small issues that are left unaddressed can grow over the months and lead to much bigger problems, so it will pay to regularly check your plumbing system for weaknesses and potential threats.

Our licensed professional plumbers can provide a thorough Summertime check of your home’s plumbing system. This preventative maintenance can flag and prevent any major problems. Call Pete the Plumber at (403) 257-1766 to arrange a visit.