When was the last time you had your heating ductwork cleaned? If you can’t answer the question easily, chances are it was too long ago.

Heating ducts are a terrific way to circulate warm air through homes and offices, but they do have the downside of collecting dust and other pathogens – like mold spores – that can aggravate breathing problems such as asthma, contribute to allergies, and generally just make the air we breathe a little less pleasant.

Over the summer, when your heating ducts aren’t typically in use, dust can settle in the system and build up over time. Now that winter is rolling in, those ducts are going to be working overtime. Shouldn’t they be clean?

You don’t have to put up with dust in your ducts

There’s a solution to dust and mold build-up in your ducts, Regular cleaning can keep the dust and debris to a minimum, and make your home a healthier, cleaner place to live.

So whom do you call when you need your ductwork cleaned? Well, if you didn’t know already, Pete the Plumber cleans ducts. It’s true. We’re a plumbing AND heating company, and as such, we make it our business to not only service yoru furnace, but also keep your ducts clean.

We have state-of-the-art equipment that we can send to your home to clean out those ducts and leave your family breathing easier this winter.

Clean ducts make for a healthier home

The benefit of having your heating ducts cleaned is a healthier house. This is especially important for homes where someone has asthma, COPD, allergies or other respiratory issues.

Keeping your heating vents and cold air returns dust free is a good start that you can do regularly yourself, but it’s a good idea to have your ducts cleaned every couple of years to ensure dust and mold build-up doesn’t take place further into the system.

If you are going to have your ducts cleaned, it is important you hire a reputable company that knows what it is doing. Done improperly, the procedure will simply spew the dust and anything else in your ducts into your living space, and could even damage your heating system.

In the end, you want to hire a company with an excellent track record and a satisfaction guarantee, and Pete the Plumber fills both criteria. We’re industry leaders in plumbing AND heating, and we guarantee all of our work.

Visit Pete the Plumber today at www.petetheplumber.com for a duct cleaning quote. And while you’re at it, ask about getting your furnace serviced for the winter.