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Easy Ways To Avoid Blocked Drains

Folks, if you want to avoid costly plumber bills and even costlier clean-up bills should your drains back up, do yourself a favour and stop flushing the following items down the toilet or washing them down your kitchen sink: 1. [...]


Pete the Plumber cares

Being a plumbing superhero isn’t just about taking care of our community’s plumbing and heating problems. At Pete the Plumber we believe being a superhero is a much bigger responsibility. Over the years we’ve helped many organizations and people to [...]

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2013 “Dino” Calendar’s now available

Assuming the Mayan’s weren’t accurate in their assessment of when the world is going to end, you’re going to need a calendar for 2013. And what better way to start the New Year off right than with a calendar that [...]


Pete the Plumber in history

How did one of the largest plumbing companies in Calgary come to be? Well, like most things, it started small and grew over time. Planning for Pete the Plumber Planning for the new company began in February of 1999, when [...]

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