Being a plumbing superhero isn’t just about taking care of our community’s plumbing and heating problems. At Pete the Plumber we believe being a superhero is a much bigger responsibility.

Over the years we’ve helped many organizations and people to achieve their goals. Our primary focus has been on young people, especially those involved in sports, but we’ve also supported school charities and other youth-oriented groups.

Lately, the two organizations that we’ve been focusing our efforts on are Made By Momma and the Calgary Humane Society.

Made By Momma is an important local resource for mothers and young children. The group’s aim is to provide balanced nourishment for all mothers and young children, as well as new and gently used baby and toddler items, house cleaning, friendly, supportive visits, and other services designed to make life a little easier for mothers in need.

The Calgary Humane Society is an organization that aims to improve the lives of animals in our city. They say humanity’s progress can be judged by the way it treats animals, and the Humane Society’s goal is to ensure every animal is treated with dignity and care.

Pete the Plumber’s efforts to support these two organizations (and others) are just a small part of the puzzle. There is so much more that can be done for these groups and so many others.

We encourage all of our customers to reach out to the community around them with financial and volunteer support. You don’t’ have to be a major philanthropist to help; far from it. Every little bit you can contribute makes a difference, but the key is to offer the assistance sooner rather than later.

Pete the Plumber’s contributions to our community have made a difference in people’s lives, and yours will, too. It’s our intention to keep on giving, and we hope you’ll join us in the year to come. Be as generous as you can without causing harm to yourself or your family, but open your heart and give something. You’ll be glad you did.