Assuming the Mayan’s weren’t accurate in their assessment of when the world is going to end, you’re going to need a calendar for 2013. And what better way to start the New Year off right than with a calendar that also supports the Calgary Humane Society?

Pete the Plumber has just launched a major fundraising campaign to help the dogs, cats, bunnies and the other critters of our fair city find decent homes. We’re currently selling the 2013 “Dino” calendar, which features 12 months of Pete’s little buddy Dino the Chihuahua in themed costume and settings.

It’s cute as can be, and 100 percent of the $20 pricetag goes directly to the Calgary Humane Society.

It’s the perfect Christmas present for all those animal lovers in your life, so visit our website,  or stop into our showroom at 14-4550 112 Ave SE, to get some today.