If you’re new to Calgary, and not used to the white crystalline build-up on your shower head or other plumbing fixtures that occurs as a result of hard water, Pete has some advice for you.

The crystal build-up is calcium, or hard water build up. The easy answer is CLR and an old toothbrush.

Now we have a product called Scalehound, which actually removes the scale and build up in the water. We can supply and install this product for $499 + GST, or you can purchase it and install it yourself for $450 + GST. It’s very easy to install.

The ultimate answer would be to install a softener. We supply and install the PETWA product for $1250 + GST. If the loop is required (which separates the kitchen sink and the outside taps from the soft water), we would add another $200-300.

The “problem” isn’t really a problem if you know what to do, so give us a call and put your plumbing superhero to work for you today.