Competitive Pricing

One Size Pricing Does Not Fit All!

Pricing in the plumbing industry can be all over the map and as a consumer, you unfortunately experience the brunt of outdated pricing models.

What makes Pete the Plumber different is that we DO NOT charge a flat rate for every service we provide. Charging a flat rate for every service, regardless of the situation, is like a doctor charging the same rate to preform heart surgery or put a BAND-AID on your finger. It just doesn’t make sense! Some situations demand more care and expertise, and others, like a leaky faucet, do not.

Our rates for our plumbing services can be broken into two categories:

  • Service rates of $60.00
  • $56.00 per half hour (+ parts and GST)
  • Flat rates for hot water tank installation (pricing based on our industry leading buying power)

The flexibility in pricing ensures that you don’t overpay but still receive the highest quality service.

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