If you want to save some money and keep your home warm this winter, we have a few ideas that can make a big difference.

1. Start with checking to make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed. Check the weather stripping and replace any that is worn or torn. Check the thresholds at your exterior doors; if you can see light, you’re losing valuable heat and running up the bill. Fix these problems and you’re well on your way to saving a few bucks.
2. Check for holes in exterior walls. Look at where pipes penetrate the walls and around electrical boxes. They’re not always finished properly and could be allowing cold air to enter your home.
3. Check your attic access for insulation. Over time the insulation on many attic accesses is ruined, which means warm air from your home escapes directly into the attic.
4. Get a programmable thermostat so your furnace can fire only when needed. These units can save as much as 10% on your heating bill.
5. Make sure your heating registers are clear of any obstructions to maximize warm air circulation.
6. Finally, make sure you get your furnace or heat pump serviced so it operates at maximum efficiency and lowest cost. Pete the Plumber can help; just give us a call.