Folks, if you want to avoid costly plumber bills and even costlier clean-up bills should your drains back up, do yourself a favour and stop flushing the following items down the toilet or washing them down your kitchen sink:

1. Cooking fat – it coagulates and builds up, and the next thing you know you’ve got a huge blockage

2. Tampons and other such sanitary products – possibly the fastest way to plug drains because they absorb liquid the strings tangle around each other, and the next thing you know you’ve got a huge problem.

3. Dental floss – one piece snags onto something, then another catches, and they catch something else, and the next thing you know – blockage

4. Diapers – not common, but every so often. The shear size of these suckers should be your first clue not to flush. Plus, the amount of effort required to get one down the toilet also boggles the imagination.

5. Paint – it’s thick and gummy, and like cooking fat can coagulate at joints in the pipe.

6.Condoms – they can actually balloon in the pipes, with the obvious result

7. Food… large pieces of food shouldn’t be forced into the drains… they can just sit in the pipes if they’re too heavy to be washed away properly.