Testimonial #5

Dear Pete,

As a new immigrant to Canada, I sometimes find myself having to adapt very quickly to the demands of a previously unfamiliar environment. I would like to acknowledge Nathan Wall and Shawn Phacker for an outstanding job.

I recently had to replace my furnace, which was not something I looked forward to. After obtaining a couple of quotes, I was impressed with the way Nathan approached the situation. His outstanding courtesy, patience and sense of humor immediately got my attention. Complimentary to that, his product knowledge and understanding convinced me of the professional manner in which the job would be done. When I saw the dedicated and knowledgeable way Shaw went about installing the new furnace, I knew with confidence that I had made the right choice.

Please accept my appreciation for the fine job they both did. With the current skills shortage in our labour market, these are two employees you can feel very proud of.


Anonymous (Customer’s Name Is Protected)